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Psoriasis phototherapy treatment customer testimonials

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A leading international psoriasis foundation has this to say about UVB treatment. "This type of treatment (UVB) involves exposing the skin to a particular wavelength of ultraviolet light called UVB. It is a common, safe and very effective treatment for moderate to severe psoriasis or localized areas of stubborn plaques. It may be used alone or in combination with topical or systemic treatments. Three to five treatments per week for one to two months are usually required for most patients to reach clearing. A maintenance schedule of one or two treatments a week may help prolong remissions after that."

"At BEATPSORIASIS.COM we aim for 110% customer satisfaction"

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I have been using the Aculas Laser and am having very good results. My hair is normalising. Thank you for your efforts to get the laser to me.

SM, India.

My experience with your company and your product has been phenomenal. My dermatologist, one of the best in Colorado, has been impressed as well. The customer service, delivery and follow up can only be described as top notch. But the best part of my purchase has been the stoppage and re-pigmentation for vitiligo. It can be a scary disease, but with your companies and products help, I feel like I have a fighting chance to manage my disease.

BM, United States.

I purchased my Aculas 25mW laser in January 2006 and saw my hair loss slow and then stop completely within nearly 6 weeks. After a few months I had noticeable hair regrowth in areas of my crown and front hair line. I recently upgraded to the new more powerful model and are very happy with both units offered by Aculas lasers. thanks guys.

DH, Australia.

The Dermalight80 was always the kind of device I was looking for. I can get quite bad and noticeable psoriasis on my elbows and is very embarrassing going to the gym or anywhere else with exposed elbows. Now that I have my Dermalight, I have a sense of control over my condition and no longer need to book into the dermatologist's office three times a week. I've had fantastic results so far and although it has come back a bit after not using it for a while, I know that I can use it anytime and have good results within a week or two.

DT, Australia.

I was really surprised by very fast reaction when I received the first shipment damaged. In few days I received replacement. The results of the treatment? - I do not know yet. I use my UV lamp in Montreal only - I spent as much time as I can in Cuba when my psoriasis nearly disappears - return to Mtl and is coming back. With the UV lamp the return of psoriasis is slower.

KR, Canada.

It really does work for vitiligo! What happens is that you freckle in slowly. Be patient! It has also stopped my vitiligo from spreading in the areas that I use the light. I have tried a lot of different things.

SS, Canada.

The product is excellent my knees and elbows were a mess. After using the Derdalight80 for just over six weeks my psoriasis is barely noticeable. Thank you for making such an excellent product.

LE, Australia.

I've had vitiligo for about twenty years now and just lived with it hoping it wouldn't get worse, well last year it spread after a stressful time. Now i feel i have some control over it and i have hope that it will go away completely, i wish i had your product when it first developed. I see people with vitiligo and wonder if they know there is treatment. I saw a dermatologist before buying your product and he treated me like i was contagious and actually walked away from me and wouldn't talk to me. I was hurt and angry, there is so much that people don't understand about vitiligo, even "professionals". Thank you for your research and products.

MM, United States

I have already recommended your product(s) to a friend. Thank you. This has eliminated trips every other day to a dermatitis's office for treatment.

JR, United States

I have vitiligo and when I spoke with 2 different family physicians I was told that there was no treatment for it. Since beginning to use this product almost 5 months ago, I have seen significant re-pigmentation on 13 of the 14 "trouble areas" that I have. I am cautiously optimistic at this time since only one spot has completely regimented. Yet, as soon as I experience more success, I plan on sharing this information with every family physician that I know as well as physician assistants and friends. I want folks afflicted with vitiligo to know about this treatment.


I was very impressed with the service and updates of the status of my order. i felt very comfortable with your delivery service.

EC, Australia.

Well, bulb on my Dermalight80 was damaged during the transportation. I got all support from your company, so at the end I received new bulb and money for the same was refunded. I find this as a very professional performance.

NZ, United Arab Emirates.

It is really too early to comment whether the nb-uvb treatment is proving successful, but i have every faith is seeing improvement for my vitiligo. I think it's good that you provide info for a range of skin conditions in one portal that have the potential to benefit from light therapy, it also proves as additional related information on the proven benefits of this treatment.

SJ, United Kingdom.

Just to let you know, i received the kit yesterday, and I must say I have been totally impressed with your ordering service and your backup service to keep me notified of the status of the order etc. So, congratulations - is sometimes takes me over a week to receive orders from purchases in UK!! Your courier service has been first class.

I used the lamps last night and it was remarkably easy to understand the accompanying instructions and actual use, I only hope that it is successful inn treating my vitiligo (I am concentrating treatment only on my facial area for now).

SK, United Kingdom.

I was impressed with the speed of order processing and delivery. Easy payment option, provision for insurance plus ability to track delivery was exceptional. After dealing with annoying psoriasis treatments for many years this service was exactly what I wanted. Also after only a few weeks of treatments at my own time and convenience there is a definite improvement in my skin condition. I expect to be psoriasis clear in a few more weeks and then will continue with a maintenance program to keep lesions in check.

This is convenient, non invasive, portable and gives the ability to be in control of the condition. After years of waiting in doctors surgeries this is what I wanted but thought was unavailable. Many Thanks KD.

KD, Australia.

My psoriasis had been widespread and severe for over 15 years. More recently it combined with eczema and penetrated the deeper skin layers. Many areas looked practically untreatable. My doctor and specialist didn't seem to know how to treat the condition and I just lived with it.  After only a couple of weeks of self-treatment using the Dermalight 80, it has cleared up tremendously and my skin is starting to look normal which I thought was not possible. Please accept my sincerest thanks as already it has improved my quality of life. Thanks again.

DS, United Kingdom

I have seen exceptional results using the Dermalight, in conjunction with prescribed coal tar solution from a specialist doctor. I only have a tiny patch of flaky skin left on my leg. The psoriasis did flare up a little over the Christmas period, however, it was no where near the levels I had seen previously and was quickly cleared up using the same treatment. Thank you so much, your product has enriched my life as I am much more confident and no longer feel ashamed and embarrassed about my body.

KT, England.

I am a member of vitiligosupport.com and have already recommended your website to a few people who don't want to deal with doctors and prescriptions here in the States.

Vp, USA.

My main reason for purchasing form you was both competitive pricing and no prescription. With a prescription my doctor would have insisted on many office visits to monitor progress. That would add considerably to the overall cost of treatment. If I have problems or reactions with treatment, I will certainly consult with my doctor. However, I will not pay for office visits just to be told that I am doing fine. This might not be the best approach for everyone; but, I am glad to have the opportunity to try this therapy at a cost that I can afford.


I have been using the dermalight80 for about 1 and 1/2 months, while it does take a half hour per time to treat all my areas, I have never come across anything this effective and with almost immediate results. I am happy with my light, it is so convenient: I don't have to travel for treatment 3 times a week any more, no waiting for the doctor, the nurse, or for them to locate the key to the light room, I don't have to worry about finding my small kids a babysitter so I can go get the treatment done, I can go on long trips without having to worry about having my treatment time set back for missing them, .....I wish I found your website years ago. This is the best investment I ever made.

Gp, USA.

My customer service representative, Nick, was excellent. He responded to my concerns and questions immediately. Made me more comfortable about purchasing a costly item overseas.


Gudday! Thank you very much for my Dermalight800. It has been easy for me and my wife to use and delivery to New Zealand was very efficient. I have psoriasis and my wife has vitiligo and we are both seeing good results in about 3-4 weeks. It worked out much cheaper than buying locally, and your service was out standing.

TA, New Zealand.

Just a short note to let you know that I have received my order yesterday, I am very pleased with the product and I'm looking forward to using it. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for the fantastic customer service I have received from you, despite placing an order between the Christmas and New Years holidays it took only a couple of days to reach me here in Scotland. Awesome. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others and wish you all the best for the future...

IT, Scotland.

Hi. I just wanted to thank you for the ease of ordering, extremely fast delivery (only 3 days from Australia to the USA!) and awesome customer service. I have previously ordered a similar product from a local supplier, and after waiting 12 weeks I decided to cancel that order and make a new purchase from your web page. After I contacted this local supplier, I discovered they do not even keep any products in stock - hence the very long delay. I am extremely happy with all aspects of my purchase from Beat psoriasis and have already recommended your company to several of my friends. I look forward to earning some spare cash with your referral program, that is another good idea from your company.

SH. Ohio USA.

Thank you Beat psoriasis for your honest information, I had tried every cream and pill on the market. Some did show signs of improvement, but often had very bad side effects. One pill even made my mouth bleed and were very unpleasant. My psoriasis was greatly reduced after only 3 weeks of UVB light treatment.

kPa. New York, New York.

The Lamp works beautifully... most of psoriasis is gone... 99%... still a patch or two, but I am working on that too. Thanks again for a wonderful lamp which did the job magnificently,


I have suffered from psoriasis for nearly all my life. I have significant scaring on my face from psoriasis. UVB light treatment does not stain my face like the coal tar products had. The UVB light treatment has also seemingly smoothed my complexion and improved my general appearance. I now have restored confidence and a better life as a direct result.

BC. Queensland, Australia.

I am a competitive swimmer and have chronic psoriasis over most of my back. Unfortunately the chlorine in pools seem to make it worse! Daily UVB light treatment has made my psoriasis almost invisible. If you didn't know I had psoriasis, I don't think you would even notice it now.

EL. Melbourne, Australia.

I have had psoriasis for 12 years now. About Eight years ago I had phototherapy & it worked, while I had it. The problem was that I lived so far away from where I could have this done & found that it was way to expensive to be able to travel to have this done. Beat psoriasis has made it easy for me to purchase a device that I could use at home when convenient for me.Dermalight80 has made my life so much easier now. I can treat myself at home when I can, because I am a mother of 4 children & work this can make things hard at times to have me time. It is working........ & I feel so much happier now & more positive........& everyone knows that when mum is happy everyone else is happy, lol. Thank you so much.

DM. Tasmania, Australia.

My hands have been peeling, dry, red and flaky for years. The skin often cracks and bleeds. I even have it under my finger nails which is very painful. UVB light treatment is the only treatment that can reach under my finger nails! I tried all the drugs but many of them hurt my hands when I applied them. Some even caused worse swelling. I can use my UVB light product when required without any pain or discomfort at all. THANKYOU AGAIN.

JD. Sydney, Australia.

Excellent web site and I've visited quite a few in the last month as my psoriasis condition has worsened significantly. I recognize sensationalism when I see it and your web site states the facts clearly.

Funny thing, too. After suffering from this for more than 30 years, I did not know--but had begun to suspect during this last bout--that not all emollient are beneficial and may even worsen a condition, triggering hot patches of inflammation. Eucerin, for example, with lanolin has become downright painful. But finding an emollient without oil is tricky. With the help of my local pharmacist whose sympathy is with me having fulfilled dozens of prescriptions, we found one--Keri lotion specifically OIL FREE. It doesn't cure of course but it doesn't counter irritate. I was happy to see on your web site the statement that oil-based emollient can trigger more problems. Once I get the results of my biopsy (can you imagine suffering from this for years and just now finding a doc who ordered a biopsy?) I'll consider your UVB product, with my doctor's approval.

Catherine, G. USA.

Hello, I just wanted to let your know I thought your website is informative and is filled with a common sense approach to fight what seems like and endless battle. I am a 49 year old nurse and I work in Florida, USA. I have had disfiguring Acne for the last 14 years. You are right, there is no cure-only vigilance. I am suffering more of the emotional damage of long term facial Acne. It has changed my personality. I do appreciate all your information and will continue to watch for any updates thanks



Our son Adam is the one using it and we have already seem improvement on his head, he also used it on his arm and cleared that area up immediately, we are indeed very hopeful with this product, thanks for touching base with us

Danny, L. United Kingdom.

I bought the Dermalight 80 from you guys and it’s great. My psoriasis is really clearing up fast, Thank you very much. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for dry scalp. Thank again.

George, D. USA.

I want to thank you about your individual care and concern for me as a customer to insure proper delivery. That service has already set your company head and shoulders far above others in or not in your field. A refreshing of goodly proportions in my book, Mr Nick. Thanks again, and Good Show.

Mike, M. USA.

I am thrilled to find someone who markets to the public. I recently found out about light therapy used for acne and am very interested in which one of your products would suit me best. I want something that would take the least amount of time. I see this purchase as an investment. Thank you in advance for the info and your time

Anne, T. USA.

psoriasis has caused my toenails to be extremely think and painful, I have been told by many doctors that there is no treatment available - however after using the Deramlight80 for several weeks I have seen fantastic results already and the treatment was not even painful!

name withheld, Australia.

First of all I would like to let you know that I am having tremendous success with my treatment, and I have almost a total clearing from my hairline and forward, and the treatment is effectively clearing up the other areas as well. In the treatment instructions it says that it will take three months to gauge the treatment for yourself. Well, I already know that it is effective for me and I have not even reached the three month mark.

Adam, L. United Kingdom.

I found your service to be excellent, the goods where delivered on time and as specified. Excellent service!

IT, United Kingdom.

Thank you for sending me the UV-BUDDY device. I have received it in short time ( about week ) and without damages. It is brilliant. ... looks that it really works. I have been using it for week and I see that good response ( on my skin ) started.

IH, Russia.

My initial experience with BEATPSORIASIS was very good, in the sense I got prompt response. Prices are competitive and service was great. This prompted be to come back to BEATPSORIASIS again for further requirements. I wish all the best for your service to the society.

SSB, United Arab Emirates.

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