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Will laser therapy work for my hair loss?

This is the question most often asked of us and most likely all LLLT laser manufacturers. ? You may notice that many products, particularly ones with either no actual laser modules (LED based) or very low powered lasers are packaged with other medical products for the treatment of hair loss, such as Rogaine lotions. Our Aculas laser is extremely powerful and we offer our laser only. Quality natural shampoos and Rogaine are readily available from your local pharmacist, we see no reason to package other products with our lasers. Naturally you are free to combine our laser treatment with other forms of treatment obtained separately from your doctor or pharmacist. However, no treatment programs or device will ever offer perfect results for each and every individual. By properly setting the expectations of our clients we hope to avoid problems and achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction. Typically, patients may observe the following results;

  1. No change of condition: No stop or slowing of hair loss, no hair regrowth observed.

  2. Stabilisation of condition: Loss of hair has substantially slowed or stopped completely. No regrowth observed

  3. Restoration of hair: Hair loss has stopped, and existing hair appears more healthy, thicker and fuller.

  4. Regrowth of hair: Loss of hair has stopped, existing hair appears more healthy, ticker and fuller. New hair regrowth has been observed.

The most important factor that dictates what result you can expect (1-4 above) is essentially how long you have been losing your hair, plus other factors such as hereditary conditions, genetics, general health, hormones etc. ? As a rough guide our statistics have shown;

  1. Hair loss over 7 years has no real benefit from LLLT technology, if hair follicles have been dormant for this time, they have likely been reabsorbed into the body and must be replaced by a hair transplant, no amount of laser energy can solve this problem

  2. Hair loss between 5-7 years has a low chance of achieving strong results.

  3. Hair loss between 3-5 years has a much better chance of achieving strong results

  4. Hair loss < 3 years responds best to laser therapy.

Note: If another underlying medical condition is causing your hair loss, then LLLT therapy may not necessarily be appropriate. ? For example, thyroid or hormonal problems may be causing hair loss that will not respond to LLLT treatment. ? Other medical conditions should first be ruled out if they are suspected to be causing your hair loss. Typically people in good general health need not be concerned with this possibility.

We are often asked for more "before and after" pictures. ? Our policy is not to bombard clients with numerous pictures of above average or exceptional results. ? Pictures that we do use are obviously exceptional results, which is the entire purpose of a before and after pictures. Again, as part of setting the expectation of our clients results of any treatment vary from person to person.

Products for the treatment of hair loss

We offer a variety of products for treatment of hair loss. Please click here to see all products or here for the Dermaray Laser for hair loss.


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Psoriasis is a common skin disease that causes raised red skin with thick silvery scales.


Vitiligo is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on the body

hair loss

Hair loss usually develops gradually and may be patchy or diffuse


Acne is a disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous oil glands that leads to skin infections


Inflammation of the skin, often a rash, swelling, pain, itching, cracking. Can be caused by an irritant or allergen

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