Dermaray Home Phototherapy.

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Dermaray Home Phototherapy.

Postby Nick Balgowan » Mon Aug 03, 2009 5:51 pm

By Nick Balgowan.

Dermaray Phototherapy systems are safe, powerful and effective medical devices designed for home or clinical use. Dermaray manufacture systems for the treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, dermatitis and hair loss.

Phototherapy is a medical term used to describe treatment by controlled application and exposure of light. Many diseases and conditions respond to phototherapy; most noticeably inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis and auto immune conditions such as vitiligo. Laser phototherapy is also used extensively in the treatment of hair loss. Traditionally phototherapy was only available at specialist hospitals and clinics. Due to the nature of light treatment, ongoing application is required usually 3 or 4 times a week for a number of months and then less frequently as required. The high demands of treatment would lead to a large proportion of phototherapy patients failing to complete their treatment program due to time and financial restraints. This has lead to the increased popularity of home phototherapy. Recent medical studies have proven that home phototherapy is as safe and effective as clinical phototherapy. But surprisingly, there have been no innovations in home phototherapy for decades.

When attending a clinic for phototherapy a nurse or doctor would calculate and administer each treatment given to a patient. Part of this process would be establishing an initial treatment length, frequency of treatments, and at what rate each subsequent treatment was increased up to a safe maximum exposure for all future treatments. These calculations are made with consideration given to the patient’s skin type, disease being treated and the overall power output of the phototherapy equipment being used. It goes without saying that establishing a safe and effective phototherapy treatment regime requires some experience and skill. So how do home phototherapy patients manage their own treatments?

Most phototherapy manufacturers expect home patients to establish and manage their own treatment programs. This often involves many calculations, record keeping in a diary, an external digital timer, some guess work and some trial and error. Unfortunately over exposure with Ultra Violet or UV phototherapy can lead to sunburn like symptoms such as burning, itchiness and blisters increasing the risk of skin cancer. Under exposure may mean less than expected results from the treatment. Dermaray Phototherapy systems address these issues removing the guess work from home phototherapy and automating the process of establishing an effective and safe home phototherapy treatment program.

Dermaray Phototherapy systems incorporate a built in computer system and trademark operating system that calculates each and every treatment. Unique safe guards help to prevent accidental exposure to the patient and also people. Dermaray systems are convenient to use with cordless battery operation and can be used and recharged worldwide thanks to a universal power adapter and charger. Dermaray products are suitable for the novice or seasoned home phototherapy user.

Dermaray phototherapy product range consists of two key systems; the Dermaray-UV and Dermaray-Laser. Dermaray-UV is based on proven Philips narrow band UVB-NB311 medical technology and is suitable for home or clinical treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis and acne. Dermaray-Laser is based on powerful industrial grade laser modules and has proven successful in the treatment of hair loss, physiotherapy, wound regeneration and pain management.

Nick Balgowan owns and operates TCG Industrial which provides electronic and industrial design services specialising in the communications and health industries. Nick Balgowan has designed and manufactured Dermaray Phototherapy systems for the home treatment of psoriasis, vitiligo and hair loss. He can be contacted via this forum.
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