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Postby addtoo » Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:09 pm

Hello from California--I'm new to this site but have had psoriasis for close to 35+ years. It never leaves, always itches, turns red and flakes off considerably. I have been to numerous dermatologists, tried numerous topical meds, but no oral meds. Due to my age and the drugs prescribed to me for hi blood press, thyroid, prostrate problems I am not sure any oral meds will work. This I can reiterate and inform others; diets do not work,
I heard sea water works--havent tried this yet but am only 3 blocks from the pacific ocean and will try, topical meds work for a while and then do not work, it does spread and for some areas for me it wasn't about scratching and then touching some area of my body and have an outbreak; the areas affected do increase in size seemingly exponentially; and sunlight sometimes work but will also create more problems. I know I have forgot more issues and will let you know if I remember more. I have learned to tolerate P over the years but do not have a clue where it started. There are I believe over 1500 causes for it but the single prevalent cause is genetics from my research. If any of you have further information please let me know. Thank you. :oops:
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Postby oz1siiam » Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:04 pm

Hi addtoo,

yep the main thing is genetics, while many things help individuals P improve and many people can live with out symptoms. They certainly aren't cured. I go swimming in a salt pool which with sunlight or UV treatment I perform on my self at home and in the office seems to control my own. I also watch my diet there are a bunch of foods I now stay clear of (unfortunately I liked s number of them, so sometimes lapse)
Some treatment may be placebo but if you find something that works stick to it. The meds are getting better but they can cost a bit. So from my point of view controlled sun light or UV and a diet with exercise is the best you can do, besides all of these things being good for you in general.
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