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Company Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find our general frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

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1. Do I require a prescription to purchase from Beat Psoriasis?

No. You do not require a prescription to purchase from us.

This appears to be a false anticompetitive and misleading statement made by some of our competitors. While this comment is true if you live in some particular places AND also purchase locally, you still do not require a prescription to purchase from us online and this is perfectly legal. The reason that you do not require a prescription to purchase from us, is that we complete the appropriate customs import and declaration paperwork on your behalf, although you may be asked to sign some of these papers at the time of delivery. The reason behind the requirement for a prescription if you purchase locally, is so that your government is aware of who owns "radiation emitting devices." The alternative to this is to complete an "ownership registration" form at import. As a customer, you require EITHER a prescription if you buy from a local supplier, OR a registration form if you import an approved device. Since all products that we supply are approved, there is no reason that you require a prescription to purchase your home phototherapy devices from us.

Therefore, a typical purchase from can be less expensive for you as there is no need to see a doctor for a prescription. It is very easy to prove this claim as you simply need to call your customs department. Customs have no authority to collect or even to request a doctor's prescription. [top of page]

2. What are your prices and why are they in American?

We list all our prices as standard in USD or American dollars. Since we are an international supplier and send products to all parts of the world, the American dollar is universally understood. You can convert these amounts to another currency at to see the approximate value in your local currency. Please remember as we are in Australia, we charge you in Australian or $AUD at the appropriate equivalent rate. Our shopping cart is able to convert to British Pounds (GBP) or Australian dollars or ($AUD.) However, the most accurate form of currency conversion is at Please note that many banks and credit card providers charge an additional fee for currency conversion on international transactions this is usually in the vicinity of 0.5%-1.0% but you are best to check with your bank or credit card provider. If you wish to send exact money, you need to use either PayPal or contact us to arrange a wire or bank transfer to our bank account. Australian customers are automatically charged Australian GST all export orders are exempt from Australian taxes. [top of page]

3. Are there any duty, taxes or other charges if I import your products?

This is a difficult question to answer properly as some countries publish their duty and tariff information, while others do not e.g. the United Kingdom does not publish its import tariff information. Each country, and sometimes each state, has its own customs and taxation laws. These laws also change from time to time and tax and duty rates can also increase, decrease or become abolished. As the importer, you are ultimately responsible for any and all tax, customs and duty charges relating to your import. This is how a typical import arrangement works. From experience, our invoices appear to be below certain thresholds and therefore appear to be exempt from taxes or duties to most countries. However, you are best to contact your local taxation or customs office to ask about any import fees, taxes or duty that you may need to pay when importing specific to your country and exact location. For these reasons, it is impossible for us to advise you on your local duty, tax and customs matters as this is between you, and your government.

We offer free freight or subsidised freight on all products to help cover any import costs, duties or taxes that you may incur.

NOTE: From experience imports to the USA seem to be duty & tax free and health related imports to the UK are also duty free. If you have received a duty / tax invoice in the UK please contact our courier company and advise your import is "health related" as health related imports to the UK also appear to be duty / tax free. Please confirm this yourself however, as we cannot guarantee this. But from experience our clients have successfully received their deliveries to the UK duty & tax free on this basis. [top of page]

4. How long does delivery take?

Delivery time depends on your exact location and are impossible to guarantee. Typically delivery to major cities worldwide is approximately 5-7 days. If you live in a remote location this may be longer. Delivery times do not consider any possible delay or problem with your customs process- which are completely outside of our control. Typically our products clear customs while actually in transit, making the process extremely smooth and uncomplicated. However, there can occasionally be a delay.

We use express air courier unless otherwise noted. Spare parts ordered individually are usually sent by Registered Post which may take 7-10 days unless you wish to pay extra for courier delivery.

Due to international time differences, although you may place an order on Monday your time, we may receive it Sunday or Tuesday our time. So delivery times do not typically consider weekends, public holidays or delay caused by time differences. When we actually receive and process your order is also a consideration. Orders that we receive overnight or before 12 midday, are typically processed and despatched the same day. However, if you order arrives in the afternoon it may not be processed or leave our office until the next day. If our couriers have already made a pickup from our office, your delivery will leave the next business day. Delivery time is different from stock availability. [top of page]

5. Is my delivery covered by insurance against loss or damage in transport?

As standard we do not include insurance with the delivery. Typically our cargo partners are extremely efficient and reliable, our products are packaged appropriately for international transport and we have very few problems with delivery. However, loss or damage in transport, is not covered by any warranty as explained in our terms and conditions. Each product is individually tested and carefully packed prior to leaving our office or our supplier. We recommend additional delivery insurance if you are concerned about possible loss or damage in transit.

In the events that a product has been damaged during transit, and optional insurance has been declined, you must first contact the courier company and ask to make a claim. This will usually involve a representative viewing the product and subsequent damage. A claim must be made immediately otherwise it may not be accepted. Some couriers include a basic level of insurance, even if you have not specifically requested additional insurance - this is usually adequate to cover the cost of a broken lamp or bulb. If you have accepted optional delivery insurance, once a claim has been approved, a new item or replacement parts will be shipped to you free of charge.

If your lamp or bulb has been broken in transit we need to charge you for a replacement lamp or bulb up front, and this invoice is then used by you to substantiate your claim to the courier company. The courier company will not accept an insurance claim without an invoice for supply of the replacement part. There is no way around this procedure if optional insurance has not been accepted. Either way, a damaged product needs to be inspected before any action can be made. By pre-shipping a replacement lamp or bulb to you, you can have your product operational faster and have your insurance claim handled more quickly.

Spare lamps and bulbs can be ordered and paid for online at our shop. Normally they are sent by Register Post although, Express courier delivery is available at an extra cost. [top of page]

6. What is stock availability like?

We pride ourselves in the fastest and best stock availability in the industry. We order in bulk and manufacturer in bulk to avoid unnecessary delays, however we are occasionally our of stock due to seasonal demands or problems with supply. We stock the Dermaray UV treatment wands and Dermaray Laser Combs and usually despatch these items on the day we receive your confirmed order. Delivery to you is via Express Post Courier.

It is very important to note that many of our competitors do not even bother to keep any stock on their own "shelves" but simply purchase from a supplier if and when they receive an order. Some of our competitors also engage in "drop shipping" which can add complications to supply, delivery, support and warranty of your products. After all, if your supplier does not carry equipment, they most likely don't carry spare parts and have not individually tested and inspected your product prior to delivery. Also, if their drop ship supplier is out of stock, they are also out of stock.

Beat Psoriasis individually tests and inspects each and every single product prior to delivery unless otherwise noted. This means we provide a faster, more reliable service and after sales support. [top of page]

7. Why should I buy from Beat Psoriasis?

Because we are great people, no, really we are! See some of our recent customer testimonials here. Unlike many of our competitors who are simply "in it for the money" we offer heartfelt understanding as we use our products personally. So when you are a question or need an answer, we know first-hand how to best assist you. Furthermore;

1. No doctor's letter or prescription is required to purchase from us.
2. We guarantee the highest level of support in the industry.
3. We guarantee the best possible pricing.
4. We guarantee the fastest possible delivery time.
5. We manufacture, sell, support and repair the products that we supply.
6. We do NOT drop ship items (unless specifically mentioned or requested.)
7. We are genuine and offer real support. [top of page]

8. The amount charged to my credit card is slightly different and in Australian dollars.

This is a common occurrence with any international credit card transaction, it is not related just to We charge the equivalent American $USD amount in Australian $A dollars (as explained in our terms and conditions) and always use the most accurate currency conversion available as published online at The currency conversion rates are always changing. Between the time that we charge your credit card and the time that your bank charges you the exchange rate could change slightly (up or down!) and often credit card providers may charge a conversion fee or other fee for international transactions. Therefore, you could be charged slightly more or even slightly less than the amounts advertised. According to our terms and conditions, we advertise all pricing as close approximations due to these facts.

If you wish to pay an exact amount, you need to "send" us the money, rather than us "taking" it as with a credit card transaction. The options for sending us money are electronic bank wire transfer or PayPal. You are given the option of using PayPal when using our online shop at If you wish to pay by bank transfer, we will email bank account information after receipt of an order. [top of page]

9. Is there a money back guarantee on my purchase?

Our products are the highest medical quality available, are manufactured under ISO quality conditions, carry the CE approval mark and are used in hospitals, clinics and by personal users throughout the world. We do fully cover all products by a factory warranty, and spare parts, service and support are readily available. Refunds are available on selected products on the advertised terms and conditions for each product, less freight costs and a restocking fee of 15%. [top of page]

10. Do you support or offer warranty on second hand products or items purchased from Ebay?

No. We do not usually support or service products that have been purchased second hand on Ebay. We may at our option, repair a faulty or second hand product not purchased directly from us, but there will be fees and charges for parts and labour. Plus you will be responsible for postage to and from our office. [top of page]

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Psoriasis is a common skin disease that causes raised red skin with thick silvery scales.


Vitiligo is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on the body

hair loss

Hair loss usually develops gradually and may be patchy or diffuse


Acne is a disorder of the hair follicles and sebaceous oil glands that leads to skin infections


Inflammation of the skin, often a rash, swelling, pain, itching, cracking. Can be caused by an irritant or allergen

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