Vitiligo: Causes and Treatment

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Vitiligo: Causes and Treatment

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Food in vitiligo should help restore normal metabolism, and in particular - increase the content in the body of macro-and microelements, vitamins. Especially recommended for patients with products such as cod liver oil, sea fish and other seafood, mushrooms, fruits (pineapple, figs, bananas, cherries, raspberries), buckwheat, leafy vegetables (parsley, celery), beans.

It should be noted, however, that a fifth of patients with vitiligo do not respond to treatment. The more experience the disease, the less likely a full recovery. Meanwhile, each of the twentieth patients all the symptoms of vitiligo are completely alone and without a trace.

Vitiligo: Causes and Treatment - Vitiligo (Pes) infringement of skin pigmentation, which is associated with the disappearance of the pigment melanin in certain areas of the skin. In this article we will discuss the causes and treatment of vitiligo. The disease occurs with equal frequency in men and women of any age.

Causes of the disease and the mechanism of its development is not fully understood, but it is known that vitiligo is not transmitted from sick people healthy. Identifies a number of factors that play a role in the appearance of vitiligo: endocrine balance in the body (thyroid dysfunction, gonads, adrenal, pituitary); psychological trauma, stress; autoimmune processes; infectious diseases, parasitic infestation of the body; vitamin balance violation sharing some trace elements (iron, zinc, copper); genetic predisposition (family cases were found).
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