soming finally working

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soming finally working

Postby scabby » Thu Nov 30, 2006 4:59 am

just wanting to let ou know a few things that have worked for me. I firs started using a one a day capsual from jan de vries whos based in scotland in a town called troune (check his website). I'd heard many good things about him for other ailments and his surgery recommended the capsual which is specifically for P. after a month or so having the runs all the time (which they said may be a side affect) they recommended alternating daily with an aloe vera onitment that he designed for P, which also different things such as milk thistle to clean the liver and help the skin. I also take 2 caps of fish oil in the morn and 2 caps of evening primrose in the evening. I thought I'd better change a few diet things, stopped drinking coffee, stopped drinking as much ale, less sugar in tea, cut out anything to do with pig (pork, ham, bacon) also tomatoe, and tried to cut out mayonaise ( failing on this one) all of which are supposed to be acidic and make the body create an acid which Jan de vries belives is partly responsible for P. These all contributed to helping my P alot, then my dermo recommended me for light treatment as well as using dovonex. my P was all overmy body and some small patches on my face. all have gone just about, just some faint red patches where the psoriasis was worst on my legs and chest. I stopped using the dovonex a month ago and there has been no sign of return. Hope this may help any one, I'll keep checking u all out.
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