UV Phototherapy is a Safe, Effective, and Economical Psorias

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UV Phototherapy is a Safe, Effective, and Economical Psorias

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UV Phototherapy is a Safe, Effective, and Economical Psoriasis Treatment

How UV Phototherapy works

Phototherapy works by exposing the skin to specific segments of UV light. Treatments are quick and painless. Only the affected areas are exposed. A doctor prescribes the form of ultraviolet light such as UVA, UVB, or narrowband UVB light, as well as length of exposure time, number of sessions, and frequency of sessions.

UV Phototherapy is a Safe Psoriasis Treatment

UV light therapy has been studied for over 100 years. Unlike oral, IV or IM medications, its safety record is proven in children and for long-term use. Side effects are minimal, though you do need to follow your doctor’s prescription to avoid sunburn. Our phototherapy units are equipped with numerous safety features including a controlled prescription timer, child-proof key lock switch and more.

UV Phototherapy is an Effective Psoriasis Treatment

Phototherapy is often the most effective psoriasis treatment. While psoriasis treatment is the most common use, it is also highly effective in treating vitiligo, eczema, hair loss and over 25 other skin conditions. People typically see some improvement immediately and experience clearing with 20 to 25 treatments. Long term remission is experienced for 90 to 95% of cases. Success rates and remission rates are higher than for any oral medication or biologic on the market.

UV Phototherapy is an Economical Treatment

Many skin conditions are chronic, genetic diseases. Home phototherapy is often less costly than either long-term medication or regular office visits for treatments. Insurance companies know this, so most reimburse our units.

Side benefits of phototherapy!

With phototherapy, you can enjoy relief from anxiety caused by living with chronic discomfort. You can have peace of mind, knowing that less pain and fewer drugs means better mental health. And, since UV light is sunlight, the therapy itself often has a calming effect.

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