Just received my medication

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Coal Tar

Postby BigDaddy » Sun Aug 20, 2006 9:32 pm

nightangel67 wrote:Hi, I live in Southern Ontario too.
It's a small world!
I just went to my derm about a week ago.
He did a biopsy because have something on my face and I was concerned.
I have been diagnosed with psoriasis on my extremities.
I am lucky because he gave me some samples.
He had already given me a prescription for the coal tar.
Depending on the area I use different things.
One for my elbows, one for my feet (right foot) in combination with the coal tar, and a different one for my face.
Have you seen a derm?
It is the best thing I ever did, my family doctor had to refer me.
I get my stitches out tomorrow by my family doctor.
Should know in about a month the results of the biopsy.
Right now I am using alcohol and vaseline on my face and the a prescription I already had meant for this area.
Glad I found this place.
It is awesome.
Hope you get some help dealing with your psoriasis.

hi nightangel67 - I previously used coal tar. I've seen conflicting information about this. some sources say it causes cancer, other says its perfectly safe, other say its only safe in small doses. what finally put me off coal tar was reading a cosmetics guide actually. it rated it as a "must avoid at all costs" apparently coal tar is used in some cosmetics that are now banned in some parts of the world! yikes! :shock:
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Re: Just received my medication

Postby Ambiance » Mon May 18, 2009 6:41 pm

i read a lot on here about Skin Zinc and Skin Cap, it seems like a bit of a con to me? highly over dosed steroids.
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