Getting help with taxi fayres

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Getting help with taxi fayres

Postby waffnap » Tue Mar 06, 2007 7:17 am

Hello All
Just thought I would let people know I was chatting with a colleague at work recently who suffers terribly with P on her hands and the bottom of her feet. So bad at times is her condition that she cannot walk as the cracks on the soles of her feet are so wide and sore. She has developed very painful Arthritis in some of her joints and is finding it very hard getting to and from work as she uses Public transport.
She decided to contact DWP (department of works and pension) that comes under the umbrella of The job club to ask if there was any way she could get help in keeping her in work as it was looking like she would have to finish work altogether. She received an email straight away followed by a letter from the DWP and they are providing the funds for a taxi to pick her up from home and bring her to the entrance at work and also to take her back home at the end of each day. It no longer takes it out on her the journey she used to take on public transport followed by a long walk from the bus stop to work.
What's amazing is that nothing is published about this and i just thought it would be nice to post something on here for anyone else that may be in a similar situation. My colleague did this purely on the off chance and didn't even expect a reply and now here she is still able to keep her job and getting her fayre paid for each day and whats more has been given her independence back. :wink:
much lovex
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Re: Getting help with taxi fayres

Postby Ambiance » Mon May 18, 2009 6:20 pm

hello, that is such a great idea! Although it would not apply to myself I know of at least one person who may be able to benefit from this. I will get onto it at once!
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