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Chance of hair regrowth.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:38 am
by Nick Balgowan
The longer a hair follicle is dormant, the less chance their is of a result. < 3 years is typically a high chance, < 5 years a lower chance and > 7 years is nearly no chance. No treatment works well for everybody. We do have lots of pictures that people send to us, but unfortunately they are often in different lighting conditions and with different clothes and backgrounds etc. But pictures can also appear misleading so we do not want to barrage people with countless perfect result pictures as this could be misleadning. But we freely advise the the time frames involved with out 3/5/7 year rules are the best possible general guides.

Managing appropriate expectations for customes of LLLT therapy is essential. Pictures presentd in any marketing, including our own, are most often exceptional circumstances or results. Our statistics show at least 95% of customers will experience a signifigant SLOW or STOP of hair loss. A percentage around 75-85% experience signifigant regrowth and a small number see now improvement from LLLT for hair regrowth. This small percetage have usually experienced hair loss for more than 5-7 years. After this time, if the hair follicle is dead nothing short of a transplat will offer any improvement.

There is no major benefit of using any specific shampoos or lotions. Many other suppliers provide topical treatments with their "lasers" simply to be able to legally make specific medical claims that relate to their topical products and deceptively, not their laser combs. Also, some competiving products have only a 1-5mW laser and are therefore not particularly effective in their own rights. Powerful phototherapy works in its own right and does not require any topical or other medications.