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Postby yourskin101 » Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:21 am

Hello everyone,

It is important for those of you who have serious dry skin and tend to deal with rashes or irritated skin to avoid products with perfumes. The extra cosmetics in those products are prone to causing irritations. They may moisturize your skin, but they can cause a serious rash. Cheers!

Postby bobsquareflakepants » Thu Aug 31, 2006 2:54 am

Is it just the ordinary e45 lotion u are using? My dad used to use that for his psoriasis on his legs too but he lately started using the e45 itch relief cream and hasnt stopped going on about how brill it is. I dont usually get p on my legs but i have really sensitive skin that breaks out in hives if i use a wrong moisturiser so i use La roche posay lipikar or La roche posay lipikar baume on my body. I find them good for de-scaling my p on my back too and they are non-greasy and are designed very dry irritated skin.
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Postby waffnap » Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:33 am

bobsquareflakepants wrote:Is it just the ordinary e45 lotion u are using?

Hi bsfp
Yes it is just E45 lotion and not the cream. Don't know what the difference is between the cream or lotion though. The lotion just seems to be more effective for me. If only I had tried it several years ago. it does state on the bottle that it is for dry and sensitive skin, unperfumed and hypo-allergeric, just wondered if you had given it a go. Since using it I have no more itching and no more burning so it gets the thumbs up from me :wink: everytime, glad your dad thinks so too :) I wasn't aware of an e45 itch relief cream will keep an eye out for it, cheers.
but from what I read it sounds like you have found something that is suitable for you so perhaps it's best sticking with the devil you know.
All the best
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Scalp Psoriasis

Postby suz123 » Mon Sep 04, 2006 7:36 am


I have had P for the last 10 years since the birth of my youngest child (had it after my first child - went away when I had second child - came back again when had third! - I should have stopped at two!)

My scalp and ears are the worst affected with only a small amount of clear scalp left - although it has also started on my face, neck, elbows, torso, and leg (just the one so far!).

I have been using the doctor/consultant prescribed lotions and potions - which although takes away the pain and bleeding do not seem to stop the spread - but after such a long time I am worried about long term steriod use and want to try to use more moisturisers to manage the flare ups.

I can cope on my body but have not come across anything on the forum to treat the scalp without steriods - except olive oil - not really feasible in a morning when I am going to work and am trying to look my best!

Has anyone got any tried and tested ideas that don't involve cold tar or steriods?


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Postby moodindigo » Sun Sep 24, 2006 6:34 am

I didn't have P as bad as you in my scalp but did have a little bit. I found Asda's tea tree and mint shampoo got rid of it.

My P is the palmar plantar type (palms, soles of feet and elbows mainly, with scaling patches on my wrist and back of my hand just now)

The hospital changed me from Diprobase and Dovonex to DiproSalic and Hydromol. It is working much better. Not a cure but it keeps things at bay and not sore and cracked and bleeding :)

The DiproSalic helps reach through the scales to heal the skin underneath and the Hydromol is a strong moisturiser.

Soaking my feet in salt water when they are bad and then putting the creams on seems to make a big difference - it enables them to reach the skin underneath so that it is healed when the top layer comes away, instead of the scales cracking and causing deep fissures that hurt and bleed.
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