psoriasis and the nails .

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psoriasis and the nails .

Postby sunfish » Sat Mar 24, 2007 7:21 pm

this is a reply to an earlier posting . when i attempt to post a reply for some reason the forum posts it as a new topic .
I have had psoriasis for over 20 years . Several years ago at a time when my father was suffering from lymphoma psoriasis on my nails became much much worse . I quickly spread through all my nails except one . I was earning my living as a guitar teacher at the time and plucking the strings became unbearable . fortunately I also play plectrum style .

anyway conventional doctors said they couldn't help except with very strong class of oral drugs which also cause nasty side affects such as fluid retention . I forget the name of this class of drugs .
So it really felt like I had no means of help .

A friend who had had some good results with shingles treatment recommended an acupuncturist too me . This man who also has a conventional medical degree and is a wholistic medical advocate treated me with acupuncture and vitamin injections .He was an elderly chinese gentlemen his brother was also an acunpucturist in a nearby town . He wouldn't say what the vitamin injections contained except they had B12 in them . this supposed increased the peripheral circulation amongst other things .
When it was at its worst he had me soaking my fingernails in ordinary tea (without milk ) twice a day . I still suffer from psorasis under my nails but the acupuncture definitely helped clear the worst flare I have ever had of it . Also I have suffered several times from P arthritis in several of my fingers at dfferent times . I believe this is quite common for people that get P in their fingernails .
Acupuncture really helped here as well .
I don't think it is as good at clearing psoriasis on the skin although it certainly helps balance the energy inside the body and would help optimize any other treatment that was applied in conjunction with it .

As a further aside to this . the same doctor also suggested that i use a fungal treatment in the monsoon season here in the tropics . He said that many persons who suffer from my complaint will also get fungal infections of their nails because the psoriasis creates the conditions for such .
I did use the fungal nail polish which was available for a couple of years but I no longer suffer as badly from P with my nails so have not had to resort to either acupuncture of the fungicide for several years .
best wishes David
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psoriasis and the nails

Postby Lisaw » Mon Mar 26, 2007 3:03 pm


Found your comments interesting. My P was so bad that the skin specialist put me on tablets. I will certainly try tea next time I get a bad touch of P on my nails. I have stopped using steriodal creams and ointments and find Aloe Veral Gel rubbed on my hands throughout the day does the trick. The P has almost disappeared from my hands now and appeared on my scalp. YUK. :evil: So I am trying other alternatives. It's always a challenge.
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