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Takes more then Cherries

PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2006 9:44 pm
by roqqe
Hi all,
It is all about diet. No fast food, no preservatives, nothing from a cow or a pig.... and much more. I was diagnosed with psoraisis 2 years ago and on my last derm visit he gave me an informational box about Enbrel.... Needless to say I left feeling very depressed. A friend of mine was talking with my husband and psoriasis came up. She told him that she once had it so badly that she would not leave the house. Her skin was on fire, she had lost some of her hair and everything. She had found through her research a little book called Psoraisis Spot Free in 30 days. She was desperate so she tried it and she is 5 years free of psoraisis now.
I am on my 9th day now and I will tell you that it is not easy to eliminate all these things from your diet, but my skin is clearing. I had about 12 spots on my hands and they are almost gone already.... they are so faded that nobody except me would even know they were ever there. The bad spots I had on my legs are clearing. It is so wonderful. I am the 36 year old that would still have teenage breakouts on her face, and my face is smooth and clear. My scalp psoriasis is not raised any longer. I just want to shout it out to everyone, "You need to do this!" I get angry when I think of how my Doctor never, ever, mentioned that diet could have anything to do with it.
People with psoraisis have over active immune systems. Our bodies "over react" to the toxins we put in them. When we eat things that are toxic to our systems, the toxins come out through the skin and our skin tries to compensate for that by making scales to protect our bodies. If we remove the source (the toxins) from our diet, then our skin does not react. It is really that simple.
This diet is about taking things away, not adding them to your diet. It is very restrictive in the first month. After that once you are all clear then you can start adding some of the things back one at a time to see how well your body can handle it.
If you are like me you may be thinking, I am not allergic to anything, I have always been able to eat anything......... try it and you will see.
There also appears to be a link between strep infection and psoriasis. This was interesting to me personally because as a child I was very prone to the strep virus. When my psoriasis started a couple of years ago I was pregnant and experienced a strange rash, that was a lot like scarlet fever (another strep related issue). Anyway, I am eager to share this information with anyone who suffers from psoraisis. I know how awful it is and I am so happy now that I found a cure. I miss my McDonalds, and my Starbucks, but it is so worth it :)

Good luck,

psoriasis diets

PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 6:16 am
by Nick Balgowan
Hi roqqe,

I am glad that you found something that works for you. Correct, psoriasis treatment is more than just eating cherries, but they seem to make a difference for a number of people. However, a diet only works for a small number of people, and what works for you may actually have adverse results or no results for other unfortunately. There are been many trials, examinations and tests of diets with few or little results for the wider population. Some psoriasis cases are definitely triggered by an infection, but not all. The largest link is hereditry, meaning you are already predisposed and and an infection may bring it on earlier than a natural onset. If it were only that simple :P

You also need to know if you actually have psoriasis in the first place. There are a large number of wrong diagnosis these days. Forms of dermatitis are frequently said to be psoriasis, although some treatments are the same, the causes are very different. Often people find removing milk or gluten from their diet clears up their psoriasis, these people may well have had allergic dermatitis and not psoriasis. So by removing the cause of the allergic dermatitis (often milk or gluten if food related) the condition soon clears. The only 100% sure diagnosis of psoriasis is a skin biopsy. There is no other diagnosis of psoriasis. Similarly there is no toxin that "causes" psoriasis because there are many forms and everybody responds to different psoriasis treatments differently.

It has been proven that the immune system via over active T-cell activity leads to psoriasis. No toxin appears to be involved in this process. It is all very well for people who publish these diets to have and share their opinion, but there is no basis in fact or medical evidence to support their claims. Don't get me wrong, having psoriasis myself, I wish it was that simple!! :lol:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 12:50 pm
by Terasa
Hi Roqque
I have had psoriasis since i was 6 years old. I am now 33 and have never heard that diet can help. I have had a very rencent but very seroius outbreak where my Psoriasis is absolutly everywhere...Anything that will help it at the moment i am willing to try....Could you please tell me where i might find a copy of this book as i am at my wits end and need to try something completely different....
Terasa :( :( :( :(

It takes more than cherries continued....

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 12:00 am
by roqqe
Dear Nick, I read your response to my post and I just want to clarify that I know that I have psoraisis. When you are a psoraisis sufferer, with ugly scales and bright red sores popping up all over you find out what you have, and I have plaque psoraisis.
I am on day 13 of the psoraisis spot free in 30 days diet and to tell you the truth I have cheated a couple of times. It is very difficult to not eat anything that comes from a cow or a pig, no preservatives, no wheat or bread of any kind, no coffee, no carbonated drinks! I am struggling on some days.
My scales are not as raised or thick as they used to be and they are changing. You claim there is no relation between toxins and over active immune systems. The immune system works to protect the body from harmful substances, infections and toxins. When we (people with over-active immune systems) put things in our body that our body has to work to dispose of because it is not good for us, our bodies over-react.
I find it strange that you are willing to say that eating cherries helps but eliminating toxic foods is unreliable. We are all here for the same reason to find a way to beat this disease. I am not claiming a cure.... but I have found something that may help a lot of people, something that makes a lot of sense. You say that there is a genetic link to psoraisis and I have read that before. Personally I do not have a single family member that ever had it. Neither does my friend who suffered with psoraisis before she changed her eating lifestyle. What we did have in common was a tendency to be a little high strung and anxious. Maybe the overactive immune system is tied in with an overactive nervous system.
It seems to me that people with overactive anything, skin, immune systems, nervous systems...... whatever, need to relax. If feeding the body with food that it can digest without having to work so hard relaxes the system, well that is probably a good thing. Taking away caffeine and replacing it with chamomile tea is pretty smart too.
I propose that people try this diet, because the fact is healthy eating anyway! I spoke with a nutritionist the other day and he said, I can make all those spots and bumps disappear. He knew the power of good nutrition before I even told him anything about my condition. :wink: Sincerely, Raquel

Psoriasis Spot Free in 30 days

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 12:13 am
by roqqe
Terasa and anyone else who is interested...
If you go to <LINK REMOVED> and look for the book Psoraisis Spot Free in 30 days, you will be able to find it.
I have to warn you, it does not look like much, it is small like a booklet, and it costs about $25.00. It is written by a woman named Cynthia who suffered from this disease herself.
I have to warn you further, it is not an easy diet to follow.... but if you want to have clean, clear skin, then it is worth trying. Personally I drop 40.00 every time I visit my dermatologist to get scripts for more steroid creams that I don't think are a great answer anyway.
Good luck and I will continue to keep everyone posted on my progress. I cheated and ate a hot dog, smores, hot chocolate, and candy when we went to the pumpkin patch last week and my spots got redder! AAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am doing better this week, for lunch I am having tuna and I made some guacamole and bought veggie chips to dip in it.... yummmy!!!
Take care everyone and try not to scratch too much :D Sincerely, Raquel

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 12:30 am
by adnan

it seems that am now much way better in my P due to the diet ! i can tell u all that our cleansing mechanism are not cleaning our bodies effectivly rather, it would sed the xtra toxin to the slin as a final disposition, that is when our Immune system alert to attack those toxins ! the result is Psoriasis !!! why ==> i believe, that the answer lies in ach on of us with his/her specific condition, Is there a cure ==> A BIG YES, have faith and go to a diet which dr.SPAMER LINK REMOVED suggests, i have the book on my hand and it seems it's working ! i'll keep u posted for the results !

GOD bless


PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 3:52 am
by powderchyld
In light of this diet, and P being a product of an overactive immune system, has anyone tried and had any success with a full body detox flush or something similar? :?:

Published comments on diets for Psoriasis

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:34 am
by Nick Balgowan
Psoriasis Foundation of America's comment on Psoriasis Diets

Diet and Psoriasis
There is much anecdotal evidence that certain foods act as triggers to psoriasis. Glutens, red meats, dairy, and cultured foods can irritate the intestinal tract and perpetuate psoriasis outbreaks. Within the intestinal tract, bacteria and yeast help process our food. When yeast becomes excessive, it interferes with the body's ability to absorb vital nutrients, and cause a condition known as "leaky bowel" to occur. Toxins get into the body and trigger the immune system. A cleansing diet can help remove the irritating foods from the bowels, allowing the body time to heal itself, and can also help to reduce the yeast, fungus or bacterial proliferation. So, is psoriasis an intestinal yeast infection, or a food allergy, or a nutritional deficiency, or a leaky bowel? The answers to those questions are still not determined scientifically. However, many people are controlling their psoriasis using the cleansing diet approach. Diet and the impact of certain foods on psoriasis is understudied. Combining therapies, (example: diet with homeopathic minerals, diet and herbs, omega oils with diet or herbs) is showing positive results in greater numbers of psoriasis patients. For example, homeopathic minerals, designed specifically for psoriasis (Loma Psoriasis) has been shown to benefit mild to moderate cases of psoriasis. When combined with a cleansing diet, the benefits are increased.

There is NO medical evidence to suggest a specific diet will provide remission for a variety of people. What works for one person may have adverse results on others. Before embarking on an extreme diet your doctor or dermatologist should be consulted.

Quoted from the Psoriasis Hal of Shame

The first product at this site was a pamphlet called "Psoriasis: Spot Free in 30 Days" that tells how to eliminate everything but fruits and vegetables from your diet. They want US$25 for the details. Many expensive commercial concoctions are now sold at the site. Apparently the pamphlet alone isn't the solution.

Rather than paying for this booklet, consider free advice from the many people who have posted their dietary successes for the benefit of all in the open USENET support group. Play with a search engine to ferret out some of the food tips. Some people have found, not a cure, but ways to discover and eliminate their individual food triggers. Some people have found that nutritional changes can also improve the outcome of more traditional treatments.

Psoriasis Spot Free in 30 days

PostPosted: Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:11 pm
by roqqe
There is quite a bit more to the diet then just eating fruits and vegetables. There are other foods you are recommended to eat and a fish oil supplement per day as well. I feel that it would be against copyright laws for me to list it all, wouldn't it? I am all for free advice, but then again, doesn't the author deserve some credit for her hard work?
I have seen a lot of posts about people trying some things, but not others.... you have to understand the whole picture, just eating a lot of fruits and veggies wouldn't solve the problem.
I am interested in your yeast theory, any place to get more info on that Nick?