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Postby myscalpsucks » Sat Oct 21, 2006 12:07 am

[code] Hi - so I've had this for years and years...i have it on my eyelids which is pretty easily cleared up with a perscription cortizone cream. my elbows have small patches, but they don't bother me much...however almost the entirety of my scalp is covered in it - it is a constant embarrassment. beacuse i don't have this noticably anywhere else on my skin people think that i have really really bad, gross dandruff. sometimes i can't wear my hair up and i certainly could never have pigtails or anything like that. sometimes i can't even part my hair at all. i have used a ton of different shampoos and percription ointments and really nothing works. i have been reading a lot of other posts talking about the good and bad of certain drugs and herbalists etc... i am getting really anti-social which isn't ok in my field and it is causing me to start dressing really frumpy (also not ok). i am going to a new dr today and i guess i'm just looking for some advice. i am willing to try anything but what worries me are all these people saying that things come back worse. oh - and everyone is talking about triggers...i find that weather and season changes effect mine. especially in sf where our weather can change drastically in a day or so. thanks for any help.[/code]
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Postby adnan » Sat Oct 21, 2006 1:46 am

My Psoriasis started in my scalp, it was on the 3rd year that it struck all my body, i highly recomend not using any steriods or stuff, ( i once used a medicine called skin cap and the next month i saw in a local newspaper " the deadly medicine" ) , what i recommend is that u read thouroughly this forum as there are a lot of good things here, specially about the diet issue...

I remember one of the good dermatologist ( which are rare) told me after a lot of treatment for my scalp ==> there is no need to kill a small bird with a big tank... so go and have some sun on ur head and use olive oil...

i suggest starting putting virgin olive oil on ur head at night and wash it the next day with an olive oil based soap or shampoo, in pareller avoid all "bad" stuff mentioned in the diet forum here, and hopefully you will get better...

Note: i believe that the scalp is the most affected area in the body of psoriasis sufferer...
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