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Narrowband TL-01 Phototherapy for Patch Mycosis Fungoides.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2006 11:24 pm
by Nick Balgowan
Narrowband TL-01 Phototherapy for Patch-Stage Mycosis Fungoides. Colin Clark, MRCP; Robert S. Dawe, MRCP; Alan T. Evans, MRCPath; Graham Lowe, FRCP; James Ferguson, FRCP. Archives of Dermatology VOL 136, June 2000.

Eight patients with patch-stage MF received TL-01 phototherapy 3 times weekly using standard protocol. Complete clearance of MF achieved in 6 cases in a mean of 9 weeks. 4 patients have had prolonged remissions.

TL-01 is an effective, convenient therapy that may have less risk of long-term adverse effects than current alternatives. Although larger prospective studies are necessary, for some patients intermittent courses of TL-01 may offer effective long-term